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How to sell your home in a tough market

26 November, 2018

It can seem daunting to even consider putting your property out there when there’s no shortage of other sellers looking for a buyer. But, there are ways that you can maximise your chance of a sale and give your property the edge over other houses on the market. These are our best tips for selling your home in a tough market. Choose the right estate agent If you’re planning on selling your home through...

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Things to do in Wokingham for Christmas 2018

22 November, 2018

Celebrate in the Wokingham town centre On the 25th of November, the streets of Wokingham will be filled with festivity as the Wokingham Winter Carnival begins. The theme this year is “A Winter Wonderland” and the large variety of stalls will be decked in suitably festive fashion. With over 125 different stalls, there will be an enormous variety of different wares to purchase – everything from...

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Full-Service High Street Estate Agents vs Online Estate Agents – Part Two

8 August, 2018

In the previous blog we looked at high street agents and the service they offer to the home seller and home buyer. In this blog we are going to look at the offerings of an internet agent as a relatively new alternative to selling your property. What is an Online Agent? Recent years have seen the introduction of many online agents into the housing market. Generally they offer low flat-rate fees and a service that...

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Living the Village Life - buying a home in Crowthorne

26 July, 2018

Living the Village Life - buying a home in Crowthorne Why do people relocate out of larger cities? Usually it’s because they are tired of the hustle and bustle of city life; the sheer number of people around them when they walk down the street, the amount of traffic clogging up the roads, the lack of green space and simply put they want a greener, more relaxed lifestyle. Often this decision is triggered by a...

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Full-Service High Street Estate Agents vs Online Estate Agents – Part One

25 July, 2018

In years gone by the only way to sell your property was by using a high street agent, but these days, with more options available on how to sell your property, it can be a daunting prospect. In reality though it needn’t be that complicated. Unless you have already chosen to buy a new-build house, and are going down the part exchange route, you have a choice of selling through a high street agent or using an online...

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Wokingham and The Walter Family, their influence on our community.

13 June, 2018

Walter Cottages - character homes in Wokingham With all the new build development going on in Wokingham and the surrounding areas, it is such a pleasure when we get to market a beautiful character home, and none are more special than one of the fabulous Walter Cottages. This design comes from the influence of the Walter Family, who were the founders of The Times newspaper and have helped shaped the area as we know it...

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