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A Guide To Property Surveys

22 August, 2017 by

You’ve finally found the one and you’ve fallen in love with a house. What’s even better is that your offer has been accepted, so now begins the purchasing process. To ensure that the property you want is in tip-top condition and that you are right to pay the cost you have offered for it, it’s recommended that you carry out a property survey.  What is a property survey? A property...

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What Does Completion Mean?

27 July, 2017 by

Enter into the house buying process and you might feel that you need a dictionary to understand some of the jargon being used! To help you grasp the stages of your house purchase and what will happen at each stage, we are looking at some of the key phrases you are likely to hear. Today, we are looking at completion. What is completion? The term completion refers to the end of the line with regards to a house...

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Coffee Culture In Wokingham

21 June, 2017 by

Wokingham is a fantastic place to live, with a vibrant town centre and a great mix of independent and high-street shops and places to eat and drink. One of the jewels in Wokingham’s crown is the amount of great coffee shops where you can head for a catch up with friends, or a quick bite to eat at breakfast or lunch. Here are our recommendations for the top cafes you should visit:  Oslar Coffee –...

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A Guide To The Help To Buy Scheme

17 May, 2017 by

The process of buying a property is certainly a daunting one especially if you’re a first-time buyer. If the idea of saving a deposit is keeping you awake at night, or you’re struggling to make that move up the property ladder, the Government’s Help to Buy scheme may help put your mind at ease. The scheme, launched in 2013, has helped thousands of people across the UK to buy a home and in many cases, get...

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A Guide To Wokingham

28 April, 2017 by

Home hunters from all over continue to be drawn to property in Wokingham and it’s not difficult to see why; it’s ideal position, rural location and healthy way of living have helped establish the town as one of the most desirable and flourishing places to live in the country. But don’t take our word for it, why not discover what makes Wokingham so special for yourself? The town and its surrounding...

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A Guide To Depersonalising Your Home Before Selling

7 April, 2017 by

  There are numerous ways to make a home ready to sell, but many sellers don’t realise the importance of removing their personal touch from the property. Your home reflects the life you’ve lived there, so in order to make it as easy as possible for potential buyers to see themselves moving in, take the time to make each room a neutral space - a blank canvas the new owners can visualise working...

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