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How to present your bathroom for sale

6 March, 2015

A bathroom is almost as much a priority for home buyers as the kitchen , so smartening yours in order to achieve a quick sale, or even increase the price, can be a great idea. Having a complete refit of your bathroom may add as much as three to five per cent to the overall value, according to HomeFixDirect. Of course, the costs of renovating can really add up; with the average price of a complete bathroom makeover...

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Most desirable property features for 2015

24 February, 2015

The property market is an ever-changing entity; homeowners' wants and needs yo-yo up and down almost as much as property prices. Understanding what buyers desire is therefore important if you're trying to sell your home this year. So for anyone eyeing up the listings with intent, read on to find out what trends are in and what are out. Dining kitchens, not dining rooms Dining rooms are fast becoming extinct...

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How to present your kitchen for sale

20 February, 2015

When looking to sell your home, we all know that presentation and what is known as 'staging' are essential. But what exactly should you look at doing, how much is worth spending and is it all really worth the effort? In this series of blog posts we'll be covering these important questions room by room, starting with the kitchen. Widely accepted to be the most important room in the house, the kitchen is a key...

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What are searches?

19 January, 2015

Property 'searches' are not to be confused with the long and gruelling hunt for the perfect home. The searches in question here will be carried out by the buyer's solicitor once that hunt is over. They are incredibly important in helping a buyer - and the mortgage company - make an informed decision before investing in a property. The term 'property searches' covers a huge number of different options...

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What does ‘let agreed’ mean?

15 January, 2015

Finding a property will always be a daunting process, whether you're looking to buy or rent. There are, of course, big benefits to both, but the processes also differ greatly - and this is something both landlords and prospective tenants must consider carefully. Renting is often seen as the simpler of the two routes to take, but that's not to say it doesn't still have its fair share of specialist words and...

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Living in Wokingham

7 January, 2015

It's often known for its proximity to slightly bigger towns - and being within commuting distance of London - but Wokingham itself has plenty to offer for visitors and, more importantly, the people who live there. This is perhaps why the population has continued to grow over the last decade or so, and it goes some way to explaining the various accolades and titles it has been given in recent years. Award-winning...

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