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Wokingham and The Walter Family, their influence on our community.

13 June, 2018

Walter Cottages - character homes in Wokingham With all the new build development going on in Wokingham and the surrounding areas, it is such a pleasure when we get to market a beautiful character home, and none are more special than one of the fabulous Walter Cottages. This design comes from the influence of the Walter Family, who were the founders of The Times newspaper and have helped shaped the area as we know it...

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Why you shouldn't choose the estate agent that offers the lowest fees

18 May, 2018

When shopping around for an estate agent to entrust with the sale of your home, it can be tempting to opt for the cheapest of the bunch. After all, as long as an estate agent can sell your property, does it really matter which one you choose? The short answer is absolutely. For many of us, our homes are the biggest assets we will ever trade, so it makes sense to appoint an agency who can get you the best return on your...

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Wokingham’s local schools – an updated guide

12 April, 2018

We understand that the choice of local schools can be a big consideration when choosing a new area to move to. Recent research has revealed that one in four families with school-aged children have moved house to be closer to their preferred school , so for many house-hunters, becoming familiar with the schools in and around their chosen locale is a must. That’s why we include a regular overview of...

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What does sold STC mean?

26 March, 2018

Look closely at a ‘sold’ property sign in the UK and you may see a few additional words in much smaller type underneath - ‘subject to contract’ or ‘STC’. It’s one of several potentially confusing terms you might come across relating to the sale of a property, but it’s an important caveat to understand. Essentially, sold subject to contract means that an offer has been made...

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What happens after you agree a house sale?

5 March, 2018

While you open up your home up for viewings and wait for the right buyer, selling your home can be a lengthy process. However, with a proactive, experienced agent in your corner, it shouldn’t be too long before you receive an offer worth celebrating. But what happens once you agree a price with a buyer and the deal is done? Here’s what to expect after you’ve agreed a house sale . Your buyer ...

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Extend or move?

22 January, 2018

It’s a dilemma many households find themselves facing; the house you’ve called home for years no longer has the space or amenities you need. It could be that you need another bedroom for your growing family, it’s time to set up that home office you’ve always wanted, or maybe you need more kitchen or entertaining space. But is it better to extend your current home or sell up and move onto somewhere...

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