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How To Choose An Estate Agent

5 January, 2017

When it comes to selling your home, deciding which estate agent you choose is no easy task. With such a wide selection of agents available, how do you know which one is best suited to sell your home?  It’s not as simple as going with the cheapest option, or the one who claims they can sell your property for the highest price - it’s the whole experience that truly matters. After all, the process is...

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What Does The Planned Ban Of Tenant Fees Mean For Landlords And Renters?

3 January, 2017

In the most recent Autumn Statement , Chancellor Philip Hammond announced that letting agents will be banned from charging tenants admin fees “as soon as possible”. Hammond states that this will save 4.3 million households a year hundreds of pounds, as the average cost of tenancy fees is £340. Tenants are understandably pleased with the news, but will it actually save them money? Of course, the...

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How Will Brexit Impact Residential House Prices?

3 January, 2017

If you’re thinking of buying or selling a home in the next few years, you may be concerned about any impact Brexit might have. The UK’s decision to leave the EU was one that shocked the world, and several months later, no one is any the wiser about the exact plan.   Prime Minister Theresa May said that Article 50 will be triggered early in 2017, beginning the long process of departing the EU....

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VR Tours And More: Technological Advances In Estate Agencies

24 November, 2016

Thanks to advancements in technology, buying and selling a home has never been easier or more convenient. All of us are busier than ever, so being able to show people around a property virtually is hugely important. While nothing can compare to viewing a property in person, the option to see a property in greater detail before booking a viewing is welcomed by many. Whether you are a buyer or a seller, the benefits...

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A guide to landlord insurance

20 October, 2016

There are plenty of things to consider when renting out a property, but landlord insurance is one of the most important. Unfortunately, it’s also one of the most commonly overlooked – that’s why we’ve put together this guide. In it, we’ll explain the concept and highlight the reasons for arranging your own policy. What is landlord insurance? Let’s start with the basics. Landlord...

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Renting: What can and can’t tenants do?

4 October, 2016

As a tenant, it's incredibly important to know your rights and responsibilities, especially if you're new to renting. Knowing the rules inside and out will not only help protect you legally, it will ensure that renting is a positive experience for you, your landlord and your neighbours. Let's take a look at some of key things you can and can't do as a tenant. What can I do as a...

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