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Tricks of the trade: What to look for during a property viewing

15 June, 2016

When looking for a new place to call home, you want to be wowed, so when you find a property that makes your heart skip a beat, it can be all too easy to ignore any problems it may have. After all, love is blind! First-time buyers in particular may not know what they should be looking for when viewing a home - you need to see beyond the 'feel' of the property. Even most experienced buyers will admit they've...

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Mortgages: A glossary of terms

7 June, 2016

With all of the jargon that surrounds mortgages, it can feel like lenders are talking gibberish much of the time. The last thing you need when you're buying a house is to have to learn a new language just to understand what's going on. Fear not, though, we're here to help you make sense of it all. Below is a list of the main words and phrases you'll hear during the mortgage-securing process, with a basic...

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How big is the bank of mum and dad?

3 June, 2016

Although buying property will always be a big deal, it's a particularly daunting undertaking for first-timers. Traditional mortgages have been difficult for youngsters to obtain in recent years, and the pressure to source big deposits has pushed many into seeking significant financial boosts from elsewhere. The first option on most lists? Parents, of course. An important part to play Unlike most high-street...

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How would Brexit impact Britain's property market?

20 May, 2016

As the grandstanding and campaigning draws to a close, and the vote gets ever-nearer, Brits are facing the simple question: should we remain in the EU or leave? It's a divisive subject, with people from across all sides of the political spectrum pinning their colours to either the 'Leave' or 'Remain' masts. This is certainly nothing that's troubling party whips, as unlikely allegiances form to make...

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How much does it cost to buy a house?

21 April, 2016

There's no getting around the fact that buying a property is a big deal - whether it's your first time or the tenth. The average asking price for a home in England and Wales now stands at more than £300,000, with deposits ranging from five to 20 per cent. There's certainly a lot of money involved. It's important, however, that you look beyond the initial lump sum and think about all of the costs...

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Bracknell: A property audit

7 April, 2016

The town of Bracknell is situated 11 miles southeast of Reading, and just 3.5 miles from Wokingham. It has an interesting history, having originally been little more than a single street with a few shops. In the late 1940s, however, it was designated a 'New Town', as part of plans to alleviate the housing crisis caused by World War II. Development efforts have been steady ever since, and today it's home to more...

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