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Bracknell: A property audit

7 April, 2016

The town of Bracknell is situated 11 miles southeast of Reading, and just 3.5 miles from Wokingham. It has an interesting history, having originally been little more than a single street with a few shops. In the late 1940s, however, it was designated a 'New Town', as part of plans to alleviate the housing crisis caused by World War II. Development efforts have been steady ever since, and today it's home to more...

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Wokingham: A property audit

29 March, 2016

Named in a 2015 study as the best place in England and Wales to raise a family, Wokingham continues to feature highly on house-hunters' priority lists. The market town, situated in the heart of Berkshire, is also one of the safest places to live, as it boasts some of the region's lowest crime rates. Not only does Wokingham provide everything its residents might need, the town offers easy access to both Reading...

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Buying property: New-build or old?

9 March, 2016

With Britain's population growing rapidly, the government is racing to meet ever-increasing demand for property. The most recent includes a promise to build 200,000 dwellings every year. As a result, new developments are popping up all over the place - a mix of immaculate housing estates and modern apartment blocks, all waiting for buyers to snap them up. Despite this, research from the HomeOwners Alliance shows...

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Home improvement: Which upgrades bring the best returns?

24 February, 2016

When you own, rather than rent, a property you have the freedom to do whatever you want to it. It's pretty exciting, isn't it? You can shape this building into the home of your dreams; one that meets all of your family's needs now and for years to come. Unfortunately, none of us are made of money, and the changes we commit to must make financial sense. The best way to look at this is by considering how big an...

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Crowthorne: A property audit

9 February, 2016

Crowthorne's popularity among home-hunters continues to grow, and we are in no way surprised. Situated just south of Bracknell, the quaint village manages to retain its quiet community feel while still offering everything residents might need on a day-to-day basis. It's not just us singing Crowthorne's praises either. It was voted the second best place to live in all of England and Wales in the 2013 Family...

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What does sale by tender mean?

13 January, 2016

Sale by tender arguably one of the property industry's most jargonistic terms, seemingly devised to confuse the people it impacts most: those who buy and sell property. The least we can do, then, is have a go at explaining it in plain English. After all, your understanding could be the difference between getting the deal of a lifetime and having to endure home-buying hell. A silent auction The best way to describe...

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