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What happens during a property valuation?

13 November, 2017

How do we decide what a property is worth? Learn all about our property valuation process and how to arrange a free Michael Hardy valuation for your home.

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Five Things To Look Out For When Doing Your Retirement Property Search

28 September, 2017

Learn more about what to look for in a retirement property; for further help with finding the retirement property of your dreams, please get in touch.

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A Guide To Property Surveys

22 August, 2017

Is your perfect property worth the money that you're being asked to spend on it? Find out today what options there are in regards to property surveys.

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What Does Completion Mean?

27 July, 2017

Find out how completion day works, and what completion means in the context of purchasing or selling property, in this blog. Contact us to learn more.

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Wokingham Coffee Shops - Discover 6 of the Best Cafes In Wokingham

21 June, 2017

Find out more about Wokingham's vibrant coffee culture; one of the many reasons to peruse our list of exciting properties and consider moving to the area!

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How Does Help to Buy Work? A Guide To The Help To Buy Scheme

17 May, 2017

Read our latest blog to gain a better understanding of how the help to buy scheme functions. Come and explore our fantastic range of properties today!

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