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Top Tips for Choosing the Right Conveyancer

1 July, 2021

If you’re taking your first step on the property ladder but not sure how to choose a conveyancing solicitor, read our quick guide with simple advice now.

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The race for space – Wokingham offers a great work life balance

14 June, 2021

It comes as no surprise that Wokingham is so popular - it frequently tops the lists of best places to live or bring up a family in the UK. Read more now.

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The Renters Reform Bill and other proposed legislation to support the housing market

28 May, 2021

The Queen's speech on May 11th outlined a number of proposals to “enhance the rights of those who rent”, to modernise the planning system and help more people to own their own homes.

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Buying or selling a house with solar panels – your key questions answered Despite

16 April, 2021

Solar panels provide a portion of free electricity, plus environmental savings. We answer your questions about buying and selling a home with solar panels.

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What is freehold and leasehold, and what are the recent changes?

16 April, 2021

Property listings often state if a home is freehold or leasehold. Many first time buyers aren't sure what this means - find out in our latest guide.

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Take advantage of the stamp duty extension

15 March, 2021

Has the stamp duty holiday extension prompted you to consider a move? We can offer a few tips that will give you a shot at meeting the new deadline.

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