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Book a Lettings Valuation

For a no obligation valuation of your property, fill in your details below and one of our valuers will be in touch. Alternatively call us on 0118 9776 776 to speak to a member of our Lettings Team.

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How do you know which price is right?

Michael Hardy Lettings offer you their experience, whether you are letting your home for the first time, or are a Buy to Let Landlord with one property or a large portfolio.

An interesting test is to ask the agent to show you examples of properties they have let recently that compare with your own. This not only illustrates their effectiveness but also helps support the figure they are recommending.

It is always tempting to go for the higher price but valuing a property is not an exact science, the agents do not set the price - they interpret the market on your behalf. In these uncertain times, now more than ever it is important to get the value right.

At Michael Hardy we always have an eye on what the economy is doing both locally and nationally. A change in interest rates, up or down, can have an effect on the value of your property, as can the local employment situation. The skill is being able to anticipate which way the market is going and therefore at what level the rental price should be pitched.

We have experienced staff who have worked for many years in the offices in which they are based and we pride ourselves on using this experience to obtain the best rental price possible.

The final decision on which agent you use should be based on a balance of their professionalism, market awareness and experience.

Lettings Credentials

"Charles is friendly, knowledgeable and professional. Michael Hardy immediately put me at ease that my property and monies would be in safe hands. They always got back to any questions I had as soon as they could, problems were dealt with efficiently and at relatively low cost. Thank you all very much."

Happy Landlord, allAgents Review