Why Michael Hardy

Why Michael Hardy?

Michael Hardy may have been a familiar sight in the town for many years but we are certainly not a company to rest on our laurels. Our offices have recently been rebranded and refurbished. The fundamental differences between Michael Hardy and its competitors are the maturity and experience of the sales and letting teams, coupled with the company's attitude towards providing excellent service. We strongly believe in treating our customers how we would like to be treated ourselves. Keeping everything in house, with Sales and Lettings under one roof, all calls answered by our sales teams and with dedicated staff to constantly update you as we reach the crucial points in the selling process of your property means our clients are safe in the knowledge that we will go that extra mile to see the sale through. Having a High Street presence also allows us to give our clients that comfort of a friendly face to offer help and advice during what can be a very stressful process.

As an independent agency, we are a strong team of mature yet dynamic professionals with a forward thinking attitude. We work hard on building strong brand awareness through our advertising and marketing campaigns from Social Media to local Billboards. We recognise the importance of keeping ahead of advances in technology with the introduction of 360 degree virtual tours and we pride ourselves on our innovative website offering the latest functions including searches by Travel Time and School Acceptance Areas and Online Valuations. We believe this approach coupled with our vast experience and knowledge of not only the property market but the local area, have helped us become the successful brand we are today but don’t just take our word for it...


"I have used Michael Hardy to buy and sell our properties over the last 20 years and they continue to offer a high level of service keeping me well informed of progress and sorting out any problems along the way. The team are friendly and proactive and I will be using them again shortly."

allAgents Review

Our Experience

So why is it that this agent can do a better job than the others? What is it that we can use to make Mr and Mrs Buyer offer on your house rather than the one down the road? What is our unique selling point? It is our experience! In fact between the principal selling staff in Wokingham and Crowthorne, we have over 100 years of handling properties in the local area which means our vendors can have faith and trust in the advice and guidance they receive from the Michael Hardy team.

Our Biggest Asset

There are those who believe that all estate agents have to do is place an advert in the paper or on the internet and then sit back and wait for the offers to flood in as recent TV adverts have tried to suggest. If that perception were true then all the agents with good staff and high profile offices would have closed already. Instead the reverse is true; those who relied on inexperienced staff and low cost marketing techniques closed their doors and those without a High Street presence fail to sell anywhere near as high a percentage of the properties that they market. Our biggest investment is our staff because it is those staff that have consistently made us one of the most successful estate agents in Wokingham and Crowthorne.

How We Do Things

Often we get calls from homeowners who will say, "I don't want to know what you do, I just want to know how cheap your fee is?" Fair enough, but ask yourself this. If the agent responds to the question by immediately dropping his fee how hard will that agent work to get you the best possible price. If he caved in on what he gets paid how much does he care about what you get?

As one of our clients wrote in a recent review on allAgents:

"Honest feedback... they aren't the cheapest estate agents in town, but a wise lesson to everyone, always pay for the best and you get the best!!"

allAgents Vendor Review, June 2016

What We Do For You

We do everything we can to negotiate as much money from a prospective buyer as possible. Why? Because that is what you, the homeowner, have employed us to do. However, we also believe in Smart Selling, making sure you the vendor have all the information at hand to make an informed decision based on current market conditions and the credibility of the offer. Successfully negotiating a sale is much more than just putting forward an offer. Before we submit any offers to our vendors we investigate all relevant details about the buyer including their property chain and their affordability in terms of either mortgage lender or proof of cash available. It’s not just about making the next sale, it’s about making the right sale.

If we get it right you will remember what we have done and will hopefully use us again when you make your next move. We are a small local firm and our reputation is everything to us. Between 65 and 70% of our clients are repeat business or by recommendation. Given the poor reputation of estate agents this is no mean feat!

Michael Hardy's History

Michael Hardy signage

Michael Hardy himself, along with Neal MacKenzie, first opened our doors with only 6 staff back in 1985 when Wokingham had a population of only 115,000. Since then the town and surrounding villages of Finchampstead, Barkham and Crowthorne have grown and so too have we. Michael Hardy’s success in Sales, meant that in 1998 we expanded from the Wokingham and Crowthorne Sales Offices’ into the Lettings business and we now have a very successful and extremely experienced team run by our Lettings Director Charles Danton-Rees.

Sadly in 2010 Michael was taken from us in a tragic accident, his picture takes pride of place in all our offices and not a week goes by when one of Michael’s anecdotes isn’t shared round the office. While he had officially retired from the company some time ago, he still liked to come into the office on a regular basis to make sure that Neal had a firm hand on the reigns! Neal is still very actively involved in the day to day running of the agency, ensuring clients are updated after every viewing and kept fully in the picture with regard to progress of the subsequent sale.

Over the last 32 years the company has maintained a strong reputation for honesty, professionalism and innovative marketing. If you are looking for a forward thinking, experienced team to market your property for sale or to let, then contact us now to arrange your free, no obligation valuation.